Monday July 6th, 2020
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Regular Attendance Program (RAP)

RAP has served the region since 1989.  Referrals for students are received from building principals. This program works one-on-one with students in grades K through 9 who exhibit poor attendance.  The attendance specialist works as a liaison between the school, family and student. RAP’s goal is to increase a student’s self-esteem while working with the student and his/her family to diagnose problems and promote better school attendance.  The RAP specialist helps the student set individual goals for better attendance and then monitors the attendance to reinforce good habits. The Department of Human Services also works closely with RAP on the mandated attendance measures for Public Aid recipients.  Additionally, RAP provides a prevention program to grade 3 students in an extended effort to prevent truancy.  RAP specialists work closely with the region’s truancy officer to provide effective truancy measures in our region.

Before referring a student to RAP, the following checklist should be reviewed:

Regular Attendance Program Referral Checklist 

All referrals to the Regular Attendance Program must include:

For more information on RAP or the Miss School...Miss Out program,
contact RAP Atttendance Specialist Cathy Jones at (618) 283-9311.

Principals: download your referral form <here>.

Sample 5-day attendance letter is <here>.

Sample 10-day attendance letter and notice of RAP referral is <here>.

 Interested in the Miss School...Miss Out Program? Check out our informative slide show <here>

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